RenShape Cut Sizes

The following RenShape boards have been cut to manageable sizes for the individual user. The boards listed below are 50% off list price! While supplies last, limited to stock on hand. 
Please note: board dimensions are listed at minimum size. Thickness and width may be up to 1" larger; length may be up to 4" larger.
RenShape 440
34 lb. density  |  Light red-brown  |  Economical  |  General purpose
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RenShape 450 - cut sizes
41 lb. Density | Light Brown Color | Superior Machinability and Stability 
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RenShape 460
48 lb. density  |  Light brown  |  Excellent surface finish
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RenShape 473 - cut sizes
50 lb. Density | Light Gray Color | Our Most Economical Fixture Board 
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RenShape 5179
73 lb. density  |  Red  |  Machines well with minimal chipping
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RenShape BM5440
37 lb. Density | Light Brown Color  | Ideal for master patterns 
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RenShape 5460
43 lb. density  |  Light brown  |  High-quality surface finish
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RenShape BM70
42 lb. density  |  Light brown  |  Excellent edge definition
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