Sculpture Wax

Sculpture Wax

We offer two types of petroleum-based sculpting wax.

The first is a brown, Victory Brown Wax derivative, that is the softest of our carving waxes. This wax has a slightly sticky feel to the surface, is very easy to carve, offers a good surface finish and has superior adhesive qualities. It is most commonly used as an adhesive and sculpting wax, but can also be blended for candle-making.

The second sculpting wax (pictured above) is yellow in color and harder than the brown carving wax. This wax carves easily and offers a very smooth surface finish, with no sticky feel. It also has good adhesive qualities and is most commonly used for carving and sculpting.

Additional Information: MSDS | MSDS | Freeman page

Brown Sculpture Wax - Billet
Yellow Sculpture Wax - Billet