3 oz Fiberglass Cloth (Style 120)

20 oz. Fiberglass Cloth (Style 7587)

This heavy duty cloth features a mock leno weave that is more “open” than a plain weave, making it easier to wet-out. It is primarily used in place of multiple layers of a medium weight fabric when a rapid build-up is required. Since heavier weight fiberglass fabrics do not conform to tight radii as easily as medium weight fabrics, they are better suited for flat or slightly curved shapes, and/or as back-up layers behind lighter, surfacing layers.

All Miapoxy fiberglass fabrics are first quality materials manufactured by BGF (unless otherwise noted) and are compatible with both epoxy and polyester resin systems.

Style 7587
Weave Mock Leno
Finish 504 Volan 
Yarn Description - Warp ECG 37 1/2
Yarn Description - Fill ECG 37 1/2
Yarns Per Inch (Ends x Picks) 39 X 21
Weight (oz./sq.yd) 20.10
Breaking Strength - Warp (lbs/in.) 420
Breaking Strength - Fill (lbs/in.) 215
Thickness (inches) 0.0300

Orders of less than 15 yards (combined total) in multiple styles will be cut and shipped professionally wound on the same tube with individual styles separated by kraft paper.

Fiberglass Cloth #7587 - 38" wide