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Mia Dispensing Pumps

Miapoxy 100 Hand Pumps are specifically designed for fast and accurate dispensing of the Miapoxy 100 Resin and Hardener. Each pump is clearly marked with a blue sticker for resin and a red sticker for hardener. Use one stroke of the hardener pump for every stroke of the resin pump to obtain the correct mix ratio.

Kit Size 1/2 
includes 1 resin pump for quarts and gallons and 2 hardener pumps - one for pints and one for quarts and gallons.

Kit Size 3 includes 1 resin pump for 5-gallons and one hardener pump for quarts and gallons.
Mia Pumps Size 1/2 for Quart & Gallon
Mia Pumps Size 3 for 5-Gallon