FastWeld Epoxy Adhesive

TUF-Carv Polyester Repair Paste

Freeman TUF-Carv Repair & Build-Up Material is a less dense material than TUF-Fil, closely matching the hardness of pine and jelutong. It is ideal for any job that requires a durable, yet carvable finish. 

TUF-Carv, when cured, can be carved, sawed, sanded, filed, tapped and machined easily with woodworking tools.

Each package of TUF-Fil includes hardener. The quart units include a 1 oz tube, the gallon units include a 4 oz tube. Extra hardeners can be purchased separately.

Tuf-Carv cannot be shipped via air. It must be shipped via ground. This is not regularly stocked in Canada, so Canadian orders may be delayed.

Additional Information: MSDS | Freeman page

***** SHIPPING NOTES ****** Due to hazardous restrictions these materials cannot be shipped via air transportation. Please select "UPS Ground" shipping at checkout.
TUF-Carv White Quart Kit
TUF-Carv White Gallon Kit
TUF Cream Hardener 1 Oz Tube (For Quarts)
TUF Cream Hardener 4 Oz Tube (For Gallons)