Miapoxy.com is the result of:

  1. The 2007 acquisition of MF Composites (Montreal, QC) by Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company (Avon, OH)
  2. The necessity to merge the two DIY lines from each company (HobbyCast from Freeman and Miapoxy from MF Composites)


While our primary website www.freemansupply.com features several hundred product pages and thousands of individual items (actually 1,200 and 11,000 respectively, but who's counting?), Miapoxy.com was created to be more accessible to the D-I-Y'er, hobbyist, or professional whose needs are met without the elaborate selection of our primary website. 

Rest assured, customers of miapoxy.com have access to the same customer service and technical support personnel as our regular customers.

Currently Freeman stocks its products in fourteen locations throughout the US and Canada. Most Miapoxy orders in the US will be shipped from our headquarters in Ohio. Most Canadian orders will be shipped from our Quebec location.